Tuolumne Meadows

The last few days we have been in Tuolumne Meadows. It was way too warm in Yosemite. So we packed our stuff and headed out to the Meadows. There are less people than in Yosemite, the temperatures are much better and the landscape is just amazing. Better than Yosemite for sure. Clear lakes, beautiful meadows and the domes. The domes are just perfectly round granit mountains. Perfect to climb on. We did two ultraclassics on Lembert Domeyou called Left Water Crack and the Direct Northwest Face. Always around 3 p.m. clouds are coming and it looks like thunderstorm. So it is perfect light in the evening for photography. Here are some pictures I took the last days. Enjoy. No climbing pictures again, just one selfportrait on the Ultraclassic The Scoop on The Knobs. One of the weirdest boulderareas I have been to. Crazy rock, but so good to climb on.

As alwas, click the pic to enlarge

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