Yosemite Part 2

Still in the Valley. After bailing on two routes on El Cap because of heat and too heavy haulbags the climbing motivation passed away. The last few days were way too hot. So we decided just having a good time. In Yosemite Village there is a show with Ron Kauk, one of the Yosemite climbing legends. We went there, keen on hearing some stories about the climbing in Yosemite. How it started and how it developed. First he was there … then after 5 minutes of talking he went out and a movie started. It was not what we expected … but now we know a lot more about water here in the valley. It was kind of a spiritual journey with nice pictures … thats all.
A few days ago we had the craziest sunset I have ever seen. Perfect light and amazing red colors right after a wanna be thunderstorm. No rain but big thunder. The first two photos were taken directly on Camp 4. If I had been somewhere higher it would be the perfect shot.
Anyway, here are some new photos

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