New Design and some photos

Relaunch of the site with new design and some photos I took last year. I will try to post more updates more frequently. The next trip is planned …

Val Formazza – Tradclimbing

One week in the beautiful valley of Val Formazza. Tradclimbing in Cadarese, Osso and Balma. Enjoy!

Africa Part 7/8 – Rocklands

Two weeks in the famous Rocklands. Enjoy!

Africa Part 6/8 – Kolmanskop

Just outside of Lüderitz in the „Sperrzone“ is an old diamond mining town. The last person living there left in the sixties the last century. Since then nature did its best to claim it back. It is one of the most eerie places I have ever been to and one of the most fun places to take pictures. Sadly the permit is just valid for 5 hours a day. But it is definitely worth it! Enjoy!

Africa Part 3/8 – Spitzkoppe

In the middle of nowhere the Spitzkoppe is a pretty amazing place. I have never seen a better nightsky in my entire life. There is absolutley nothing around. Enjoy!