Iceland Part II

And here is part II


Iceland Part I

The last two weeks of May I have been to Iceland driving along the ringroad with a lot of stops hiking. It took me some time to sort out the pictures. Despite not having epic sunsets or sunrises at this time of the year there is much to photograph. Sadly a lot of the tourists and even a great number of photographers, they seem to not even care for nature. Ignoring signs, trampling over fresh vegetation and areas whoch are closed and no respect at all … it left a bitter taste clouding the whole trip. Iceland is such a beautiful country … but for how long?

Nevertheless here is Part I:

Bavarian Forest National Park

Germanys first National Park was founded in 1970 on the border to Czech Republic and forms together with the Sumava National Park one of the biggest contiguous forests in Europe. Small mountains, little streams and vast areas of woodlands covered in moss built a perfect place for endangered species. Not far away from where I live I asked myself why I haven’t been there before. It is a mystic place full of wonders. Sadly it began to rain, followed by a snowstorm and I finally bailed. But I will come back for sure. With so much oppertunities for photography and hiking this place is just amazing.


New Design and some photos

Relaunch of the site with new design and some photos I took last year. I will try to post more updates more frequently. The next trip is planned …

Val Formazza – Tradclimbing

One week in the beautiful valley of Val Formazza. Tradclimbing in Cadarese, Osso and Balma. Enjoy!

Africa Part 7/8 – Rocklands

Two weeks in the famous Rocklands. Enjoy!

Africa Part 6/8 – Kolmanskop

Just outside of Lüderitz in the „Sperrzone“ is an old diamond mining town. The last person living there left in the sixties the last century. Since then nature did its best to claim it back. It is one of the most eerie places I have ever been to and one of the most fun places to take pictures. Sadly the permit is just valid for 5 hours a day. But it is definitely worth it! Enjoy!