Hip to be square – Wood

The last day climbing in the valley is over. We wanted to try the Nose again, but right now, there are more than enough parties in it. Project for the next time. But we managed to grab some other ultraclassics like Separate Reality, Lunatic Fringe and the Central Pillar of Frenzy. All worldclass climbs. Now the feet will enjoy one happy month of not climbing, just hiking. Next stop: Up the westcoast to Redwood National Park.
Some people know that I love to take pictures of patterns, structures and details in nature. So here it is: Wood.

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  1. david m
    15. Juni 2013 at 00:00

    Hello Tobi,

    Your Pictures are amazing. But! before you go north you have to go south or you will miss the best of California like the High Sierra. The High Sierra! you cant miss it man! The most incredible landscapes and the best climbing around — like the Incredible Hulk! Yes, its actually called the incredible hulk! — but really its packed with wonder.

    Nena also sends her greeting from Davos!! — but really you cant miss the south before you go north! sitting in hot springs staring up at 3000 meter of elevation into perfect blue skies and picture perfect granite (with no one around — pppshhhh its our secret!)

    Have a Good Trip!

    David M.

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