Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park

We wanted to see the Antelope Canyon, the Wave and visit some other Slotcanyons. But this week was really frustrating. Antelope Canyon has doubled its prices since last year when I planned that trip. 80$ for a two hours phototour. A lot of money. What will you do … the weather didn’t look so good. Thunderstorms and clouds the next couple days … so we decided not to spend 80$ when there is good chance to get bad light. And there were thunderstorms … a lot of them. We drove to Kanab to get a permit for the Wave. And that would have been realy easy. But the rangers there warned us. The thunderstorms this season are the worst since years. Highway 89 was closed south of Page, because it was wahsed away. Another road has now a 6 feet canyon going through … and all the other roads to the Canyons and the Wave are dirtroads and impassable right now. A jeep was stuck on the road to the Wave for 4 days and three people died on the trail.
And we just have a van … so no chance and way too dangerous. That was really frustrating. That calls for another Phototrip in a few years.

Instead we decided to drive to Zion National Park. But before we visited the Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park. A Park which should not call itself State Park. Fun Park would be more appropriate. They are allowed to drive there Sandbuggies and Off-Road vehicles over the dunes. Not a pleasant sight and really annoying. Just retarted people racing up and down and destroying a really beautiful landscape.

Here are some pictures, right before the next thunderstorm …. click to enlarge

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