Zion National Park

This is a park worth to visit. The impressive canyon slowly carved out in millions of years by the Virgin River has one of the tallest sandstone cliffs in the world. Wild slotcanyons on its side, turkeys and deer running around and a nice contrast between red rock and the green of plants.

What I liked is, that you are not allowed to drive in the main canyon with your own car. Shuttlebuses are leaving every few minutes from the visitor center and you an reach every corner of the canyon.

We were there for three days and the weather was not perfect but okey for some hiking. The danger of flashfloods was sinking everyday and we got a permit for The Subway. The first day was discovering the Hidden Canyon and on our second day we walked The Narrows. It is funny In the beginning you walk with a lot of other people, but after a short while there are less and less people. The thing is you will get wet. It’s not called The Narrows for nothing. You walk 70 to 80% of the way in the river. Your shoes will get soaked and somtimes the water is up to your bellybutton. I had to be really careful with may camera, even it was in a waterproof bag. There is also a picture of a photoworkshop … that is what it looked like most of the pictures I took there. You have to hold your Tripod while the water is pressing against you and your camera. Because of the flashfloods the week days before the water was really dirty and it was not perfect for photography.

The next day we hiked to The Subway. Sadly there where seven flashfloods the previous days, the ranger warned us, so not good for photography. But nevertheless it was totally worth it. And I want to go back there one day in autumn, when there is less and clear water and the leaves are colorfull. The hike is a long one and you have to cross the river more than one time but in the end it is amazing.

Zion National Park is a perfect place for hiking and photography. There is so much structure and scenic views to find. And when you are there go to the galleries of the local photographers. Their work is more than amazing!!

See yourself … here are the pictures. As always, click to enlarge.

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