Petrified Forest National Park

From Gooseneck we started pretty early to get to Petrified Forest National Park. Although Petrified is a pretty small park it is definitely worth a visit. Here you find the biggest collection of petrified trees in the world. Scattered trunks lying around in the desert. There is the painted desert in the north and the petrified trees to the south. Sadly you can’t really go between the scattered pieces everywhere. So ne nice pictures you see on the parkwebpage are almost impossible to take. I asked how you get a permission to do such pictures and the rangers told me you need a permit which is very hard to get. The other negetaive point is, that you have to leave the parks in the early afternoon. So you don’t have nice evening light for taking pictures.
But nevertheless there are some trails where you see some nice petrified trunks. And when you are there, do the trails in the Blue Mesa. Absolut amazing.

As always … click to enlarge.

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