Some sunny days in Ticino

The last weeks had been dry but really, really cold here in Nuernberg. So I decided to go for a short trip to Ticino, Swiss. It is one of my favorite places for climbing, bouldering and of course photography. This time there are almost no climbing pictures, because there were just two of us.

unnamed boulderproblem, Chironico
unnamed boulderproblem, Chironico

When we were hiking around one side of Valle Leventina we found some really old chestnut trees. The whole valley is covered with these trees. We talked with an farmer who told us, that many of the trees are older than 800 years, some maybe older than a thousand. Once he counted the rings of a chopped tree and he lost counting when he traced back the years to the french revolution and far beyond. Luckily the trees are protected now for ten years and here and there you’ll find some of the old fellows. Pretty amazing. Here are some of the trees we found and some more pictures I took.

Tree 1
Between the rocks
Dew in the morning
Tree 2
Hollow Tree
Tree 3
One of the biggest … maybe two to three meter in diameter, and hollow, too.
Fern preparing for the night cold


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