Padani 2013

Petrohrad is a small town in the Czech Republic near Prague. Rolling hills are covered with more than a thousand granite marbles hiding in the forests. Boars, deer and rabbits running everywhere. It is a really nice place to be. Thats why I was there every year for the last 6 years.

Forest 1 Forest 2 Forest 3 Forest 4

The locals organize a festival called Padani every year. It is a nice event with a funny competition for everyone and and music in the evening.

Band 1 Band 2

The boulders there are very rough on your skin and you can climb there just two days in a row before your skin is through. The bad thing for good climbing photography with such an event is, that a lot of people are running through your pictures and stuff is lying everywhere. But nevertheless here are some pictures.

Boulder 1
Sněžná fréza Fb 6a
Boulder 2
Němý svědek Fb 7a
Boulder 3
Zadní zoubek Fb 6b+
Boulder 4
Nehoupej se na dveřích! Fb 5b
Boulder 5
Kryton na skříni Fb 7a


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