Sequoia National Park

We spend a few days in the Sequoia NP. The trees are amazing. You just can’t show in pictures how big these trees are. You have to see it by yourself.

On our first day we hiked from the campground to the Giant Forest and when we were sitting under Genere Sherman, the biggest tree in the world a ranger came to us and said:
„Ah, it’s you! We were so feared for you!“
„What why?“
„You didn’t see her?“
„See who?“
„The bear with the two cubs. It was just on the other side of the log, 20 feet away. You were just passing it!“
„No, we didn’t see her!“

Good for us. A bear with two cubs is normaly more agressive and want to protect their babys. So luck for us we didn’t realize it was there.

On the way back to the campground we hiked back another trail and suddenly just 15 feet away a big brown head looked around a tree. Damn … another bear. It jumped on its feet and made a move towards us. But he stopped and we could pass. I managed to take a photo from far far away …

The next day we hiked through another grove were the second biggest tree stands. In my opinion the Grant Tree Grove is better than the Giant Forest. There are less people and the trees are much more impressive.

Right now we are in Lake Tahoe, climbing. There will be some pictures, too. But we still have one day left. So here are some pictures of Sequoia National Park

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