Joshua Tree

Finally. Out of the city. Our first stop was the Joshua Tree National Park. It is a three hours drive to the east of LA. Passing Palm Springs the small city Joshua Tree is not far away. We were heading for the Hidden Valley Campground.

The Joshua Tree NP is a dessert more or less. That means you have to take all your water with you. Although it looks pretty dead the dessert is full of life and you can see it everywhere. Squirrels, coyotes, colorful birds, rabbits and many more. You just have to walk a bit and you will see them all. Here are some impressions.

Oh yes … and there is rockclimbing. Thousands of routes and more boulders you can imagine. The climbing here is one of the best I know. Crackclimbing is what Joshua Tree is all about … and that can be very hard. You get scared all the time, when you have just one cam in the right size and the crack continous for another 10m with the same size … funny moments where you ask yourself: Why am I doing this?! In the end it is always the same. You forget how scared you were and think about the next perfect crack you just saw.

Joshua Tree is definitely a place to be, where I want to come back some day.

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