Redwood National Park

You can’t compare the Sequoia NP with the Redwood NP. They are two totally different kinds of forests. Sequoia is dry and at high altitude, while the Redwood is at the coast, green, wet and beautiful mossy. We drove through the Humboldt State Park wich is the biggest forest with old trees in the world. You have to drive the Avenue of the Giants. One grove after another with a lot of really impressive trees. The Redwoods at the coast are not so big like the Sequoias, but they are taller. And it is more like a jungle.

The Redwood National Park is a nice place to stay. We camped at Flints Ridge with is for free. Just get a wilderness permit and you are free to go. Usually the woods are damp and full of fog, which is perfect for moody photography. But with our luck, we just had sun, all day long. Just in the morning some fog was there, but the sun was stronger.

First day was hiking day. So we visited the Fern Canyon. I’m not happy with the pictures I got there, because of the harsh light. Fog would be much better. But nevertheless it is just amazing. They filmed Jurassic Park 2 in this Canyon and you can imagine dinosaurs running through this green Canyon. After that we visited the tallest trees on this planet. The Cathedral Trail goes right through the middle of this jungle. Your neck hurts after the 3 miles but it is worth it. Once again too much sun for moody pictures. We followed the scenic drive and had a looked at the Corkscrew Tree. Incredible. Two Redwoods curling around themselves.

The other day we headed down to the beach. Time for some bouldering. You don’t need Crashpads with all the sand. The boulders are perfect. Some Highballs with easy topouts, a lot of slabs and walls. It was a really nice day with a perfect moment. We were having lunch, sitting on top of a bloc when a whale came up, pretty close to the beach. Just the perfect moment.

So here they are, some pictures from the Redwood NP.

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