City of Rocks & Castle Rocks

In Redwood NP we met some guys who told us about a climbing area we had to visit while we were driving to Yellowstone NP. It is called City of Rocks and is in Idaho near to the boarder to Utah.

So we looked on the map and it was just 30miles more to drive. We decided to take a look and suddenly we were there for a week. After 6 days climbing in a row our bodys were finished.

I have to say that this is the best area I have seen so far in the US. It has everything. You find tradroutes and sportroutes as well. You want a crack? You got it. You want steep climbing you go on the other side of the cliff. Faceclimbing or slabclimbing? No problem. Multipitch? There are some as well. And the rock is just perfect, solid granit with knobs, huecos, crimps and cracks.

There are not so much pictures this time. Not even one climbingphoto. But nevertheless here are some impressions of this area.

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