Red Rocks

Before I went to Joe’s Valley we spend a few days in the Red Rocks bouldering and climbing. Okey, it was once again way to hot but worth the visit. Right now I spend four more days here checking out the different bouldering areas. The potential here is incredible and the rock most of the time realy good. But it is still too hot in early September. You have thousands and thousands of routes and boulders in this more or less small area. But wintertime is the better decision. When it was to hot I hiked through the canyons. It is amazing. So many different colors, shapes and kinds of sandstone. In between you can find native petroglyphs. For photography this is a perfect place. With luck you see turtles, tarantulas, coyotes and gilamonsters. The last one I didn’t see. And the structures in the canyons are just perfect.

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