Death Valley

Six days I wanted to stay in Death Valley waiting for good morning and afternoon light at the Dunes, Badwaters and other places. But I underestimated the heat. So after four days I fled the heat. It wasn’t even possible to sleep at night with a minimal lowtemperature of 34°. Between 9am and 5pm it was not possible to hike or even move. I was never so exhausted in my whole life and I hiked maybe 6 miles total in this three days. Best go there in wintertime.
Nevertheless, Death Valley is one of the most exciting parks I have visited. The landscape is totaly bizarre. Despite the heat you see the influence of water in every corner of the park. A few days before I arrived a major flashflood ran through the park and a ranger told me that the water was more than 50cm on the road. Almost all the sideroads where closed because of the remnants of the flood. Crazy times. I hiked through the Mosaic Canyon, on the Mesquite Sanddunes and of course Badwaters/Devils Golfcourse. Sadly I wasn’t able to capture a picture of the structures in Badwaters. The 2 mile hike to the place where I could find these was too much in the heat.

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