Poisonous glance

I have to admit I am very proud of this pictures. Everybody who tries to take pictures of wildlife knows how hard it can be to get close to a certain animal. You need a lot of patience and most of all luck. It can be realy frustrating but once in a while everything comes together. Like this time …. I came back to where we were camping and our neighbour told us how freaked out he was because a rattlesnake was crawling between his legs some thirty minutes ago.

He showed me the direction where it left and I was like …. what the hell … I’ll try my luck. It’s not like there is no place to hide for a snake. People would say impossible. But after thirty minutes it suddenly lay right before me, crawling away, trying to hide. Another thirty minutes later the snake was in a good spot to take pictures. And yes … I was close … too close in my opinion.

But what counts is the result. Voilà, one my most favorite pictures I have taken so far.

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