Kühloch Nr.2 and some more Frankenjura

Testing a new swing for taking pictures in the wall on a fixed rope. Very comfy I have to say. Okey, it was improvised out of a bigger branch, two slings and a lot of quickdraws, after my legs almost died of hanging in the fixed rope for about 20 minutes. But it worked fine and I will construct a lighter and better version of this  prototype.

Usually the weather in the Frankenjura is more or less rainy this time of year. But not this year. The forests are dark as always and when you forget your speedlights and want to do a small shooting in a cave it is hard to get the shutter speed you need to freeze the movement. But somehow I managed to get some shots of the nice route called „Walk the Line“. Also the Weißenstein is not far away for some classics.

As always, click to enlarge.

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