Cadarese: Tradclimbing and Nature

Last year we read about an small crag in northern Italy where you can find one of the biggest concentration of cracks in the alps in one crag. This crag is called Cadarese. After our experiences in the US that sounded really good. So we packed all the cams and stuff together and drove down to Val Formazza. Arriving at night we had the first look on the crack the next morning and it was like: Well, that doesn’t look so good. But when we finished the hike up to the cliff we weren’t disappointed. More than 50 routes and almost everyone is a crack more or less. Perfect splitters, dihedrals and offwidths. From finger to chimney you can choose what ever you want. So before you think there will be a lot of climbing pictures … sorry, more nature this time. It is hard to belay and being in the wall taking pictures the same time. But we will be back, taking more people with us and then there will be nice photos of tradclimbing again.

Val Formazza is a very beautiful valley with a lot to discover like slotcanyons. Yep, there’re some. Sadly because I didn’t expect to find such a beautiful place I didn’t take my tripod for the trip … lesson learned. Always take your tripod with you. All the pictures are handheld.

And here are two more pictures of lizards decaying. The first one I think fell to its death and scavengers already were hard working. The second is an totaly different story. It looked like it was infested with ticks. Not just one but many and many more. The first moment I was thinking it was alive and sneaked up to it but then I realized it was already dead.

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