Bryce Canyon National Park

This is the second try to go to Bryce Canyon. Rain welcomed me the first time I got here. My maingoal was to get some nice sunrise shots of the canyon. And yes, the second day was finaly good enough. Getting up realy early, driving to my favorite viewpoint and waiting for the sun to show up. It is one of the best places for sunrises so far. The colors in the canyon change with the rising sun and everythings seems to glow. After the sunrise it was off down to the spires. The hikes there are worth a try. You walk between these spires and around every corner there are new fantastic structures.
In the night there was one of the best clear skys I have ever seen. So many stars and the milky way. But the canyon was way to dark for some good pictures. No moon no light. And my headtorch was not strong enough to illuminate the canyon. So I took some pictures in the forest around the rim and on the campground.

Here are some of the pictures I took. Enjoy

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