Arches NP & Canyonlands NP & Big Bend Bouldering

From Boulder to Arches NP you just have to cross the mountains. Driving along the Colorado River where everything is green, down the river where everything is red. It is a nice change in the landscape and really fascinating. We spent two days in Arches NP and one day in Canyonlands NP. These parks are in a desert enviroment and the funny thing is it rained every day. Thunderstorms were coming in the late afternoon, so no sunsets because of the clouds. Even in the morning, when I wanted to take pictures of the sunrise at Mesa Arch there were clouds covering the sun. But one evening we got a little bit of sun at Delicate Arch. We stayed one night in Canyonlands and it even started to hail … I am not lucky with the weather in the desert.

Besides we were bouldering at the Big Bend bouldering area near Moab. Its bombproof sandstone and sandbagged liked Yosemite. But nevertheless a really nice area for a day or two.

Here are the pictures. Enjoy and click to enlarge.

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